Sunday, 3 July 2011

Bike Ride Day 27 - Dalat to HCMC!!

Distance: 300km
Time: 10 hours

The first leg turned into a bit of a challenge. We were doing great until about 100km away from HCMC when we got a puncture (typical that this only happened on the first and last day of our ride!). Luckily, it was a slow one so we had enough time to find a mechanic’s. Then, as they tried to take the tyre off the bike fell over with the weight of the bags on the racks (we should have taken them off!). The only damage was a broken clutch lever which they tried to glue back together (only in Viet Nam!) It was awkward, but the clutch could be used....just about!

With the puncture fixed we met our final hurdle- solid traffic jams with a fiddly clutch. After many, many stalls we finally made it into familiar territory and drove to our friend’s house.

The final traffic hurdle coming into HCMC! 

After 3300km’s, we popped open the champagne and celebrated a little! J It was a great ride and even though the bike had a few issues it kept going strong. Definitely an experience we will both never forget. An adventure of a lifetime with a few quirky tales to tell too! the Malaysia for some more travels- but this time, sadly, without the bike!

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