Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Cameron Highlands

When we arrived in the Cameron Highlands it was 20°C - too cold not to wear a hat, scarf and socks ( what!? we hear you say - but this really is pretty cold for us now!). Who knows what will happen when we get to Russia and travel through the Siberian winter!

We spent a few days in the Cameron Highlands where we went on a few treks and enjoyed the cool weather. We felt healthy for a change! We also tried the local scones with jam and cream, so not so healthy after all! They had to be eaten  to see if they were up to my Devon standard! They were pretty good but were missing clotted cream - a bit too much to ask in SE Asia!

Our first tour on our travels took us around the surrounding area. We pretty much saw everything in the day - tea plantations, strawberry farm, museum, markets, mossy forest and the butterfly and insect farm. A whole lot to do in one day and well worth it.

Food was good but nothing on Melaka! Though, we did have a yummy steamboat and afterwards we thought our bellies were going to explode!

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