Thursday, 18 August 2011


After being recommended Penang by various people we made the journey up there with the main priority of eating. We had heard that the food here is very tasty, so, of course, out palate took charge and led the way to Penang, the city of culinary delights! J (everyone reading this will think all we are doing is eating, although we assure you that this isn’t true. It is a big part of our travelling, but not the whole reason for doing it!)

We had 2 days here. Day 1 was to do all of our domestic chores: washing, visas for Thailand, haircuts and post postcards- CHECK- all apart from the laundry. We spent most of the day looking for a cheapish laundrette with no luck. We walked miles trying to find a laundrette which we had found details of online, but this existed no more-typical! You would have no idea how hard it is to find a laundrette in Penang! After a full days search we gave up and just had to come to terms with having to pay more than expected to get clean clothes- and what a hassle. Don’t take washing machines for granted- they are a very useful invention! Well, that was pretty much day 1 over- not particularly interesting and a bit tedious L

Day 2- a little bit more interesting. We did a walking tour of the city, guided....well.... by us! We saw temples, the City Hall, the Supreme Court and most of the other sights.

The food is good here. We came across a massive indoor night food market which sells as many different cuisines as you can think of, from Western to Japanese! You can go around and chose which cuisine (or cuisines- depending on how hungry- or greedy you are!) They bring the food to your table and waiters come and take your drink orders. They even have a man selling newspapers and there is entertainment (which only stretched to karaoke in this case!) We also found a great Indian place- yummy curry, naans and rotis J As well as finding this amazing contraption which should definitely be brought to England- the wonderful water fill it up yourself thingy me bob! Very cheap J and totally cool and great fun to use!

Next,- across the border into Thailand. More beach action on Ko Lipe.

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