Sunday, 19 June 2011

Bike Ride Day 13 - Ninh Binh to Tan Ky

Distance: 210km
Time: 6 hours

It was a hesitant start today, hoping that the bike would be okay until we got to somewhere that could look at it or, worst case, all the way to Saigon. The start of the drive was the worst as we went down the notorious highway 1 (think buses overtaking a line of 5/6 trucks on a 2 lane road approaching you coming the other way and pushing you off the road; and add loud horns!)

Anyway, after 60km of hell, we got outa’ there and made our way to the Ho Chi Minh Highway to start heading south again. The roads, especially the HCM highway, were great and we are finally getting places at a good pace!

Bums the word!

We bought a present (in the form a big piece of foam) for our bums today; hopefully that will do the trick!

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