Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Bike Ride Day 8 - Son La to Mai Chau

Distance: 175km
Time: 5 hours

For some reason, we had earlier worked out the drive to be a lot longer than it actually was. We figured out our mistake last night so we had a 100km less to go which meant we got a nice lie in :)

Today felt challenging, not because it was a difficult drive but we’d been on the road for a few days straight and it felt difficult to keep going especially as the bike doesn’t have the most comfortable seat (we’re looking for some foam to pad out the seat a bit). Anyway, we pushed on and then it started to rain and it got very cold (well, cold for us but maybe not for back home!). Not much else to say except that we went through one of the big dairy producing regions of Vietnam, Moc Chau.

Over the past few days, we have been within a stone’s throw away from China and Lao which seems fitting as Dan has been reading about the history of Indochina after the Vietnam war. It’s amazing to think that America was afraid of Chinese communist expansion when Vietnam and the Vietnamese are so independent of China and are nearly at war....again.

On a final note, we’ve been putting photos up of our drive. If anyone wants to have a look at them they are here.

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