Thursday, 30 June 2011

Bike Ride Day 24 and 25 - Nha Trang

Nha Trang had changed quite a lot since the last time we had visited. Dive shops and restaurants have been knocked down and left as empty space- waiting to be replaced by lavish 5* hotels. Definitely Vietnam for you- always continual development and change! When we come back in 5 years or so to visit we’ll be lucky to recognise anything!

Unfortunately the bike had a small problem today- the kick start pedal broke off which would have been OK if the electric starter was working (but this had gone kaput earlier in the journey!) We took it to a mechanic to fix and then relaxed on the beach before having to pick the bike up again. While we were waiting Abby suggested going on some inflatable playground objects which had been anchored close to the shore. We had much fun jumping, sliding and falling off them! J We acted like big kids for a few hours!

The next day we made it out to the mud baths and experienced some relaxation in a small mud tub with both of us in it! The process then required us to sit in the sun for a short while as the mud dried on our skin. We then washed the mud off and stood under a warm waterfall which was nice on the shoulders. Go and do it for yourselves if you make it to Nha Trang! J

One bad thing did happen in Nha Trang though- we had $160 stolen from our hotel room- $100 from Abby and $60 from Dan. We only realised the morning of our departure when Abby decided to count the dollars to see how much we had left. The kitty looked a little low which was when we knew that money had been stolen from us. We had left the money in a locked drawer, but this obviously wasn’t secure enough! We informed the receptionist who wasn’t interested in doing anything to help us- so we packed up our bags and strapped them to the bike- all ready to go if needs be!

We told the receptionist that we wanted her to phone the police so we could report the money missing. She refused and so we said that we weren’t  going to pay for the room unless she helped her guests and got the police involved. Unfortunately, she still had our passports so we couldn’t go anywhere without them ! :s She got quite angry as we repeated that we wouldn’t pay if she didn’t respect the customers wishes.

In the end, Dan grabbed the passports from behind the desk, at which point she said that she was going to call the police because we were going to leave without paying. “Fine by us!” we said. That’s what we had wanted her to do in the first place! She told us to sit down and wait while she contacted the police- which she didn’t. After a while she told us to leave and never come back! We were bad people. Of which we replied that we wouldn’t be coming anywhere near a hotel which stole our money, so she didn’t have to worry about having to see us again! What a palava! Bad people- how ridiculous! Surely the people who had stole our money were bad people- not us! Oh well. things aren’t always logical in Vietnam! We fled from Nha Trang as quickly as we could!

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