Friday, 24 June 2011

Bike Ride Day 18 - Hue

Today, we got the bike to the mechanic and he found the problem - the cam chain -  and replaced the part so hopefully all will be well now. Dan stayed with the bike and Abby did some exploring in the Citadel and Imperial City.

The Imperial City was quite interesting - lots of old buildings that the Emperors used to live in - with a moat surrounding the city. Interesting for someone who wants to find out more about the history of Vietnam and the way people used to live, but maybe not everyone’s cup of tea!

Once the bike was fixed (thank god!) this was a big relief off our minds and cost a mere 20 dollars!

We had a few drinks in the evening and a lovely meal in the Carambole (recommended by Ben at the Phong Nha farmstay - thanks!). Abby got the western food she was craving while Dan, as always, finished a 9 course Vietnamese set menu and then even ordered a 2nd pudding! J

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