Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Bike Ride Day 2 - Pho Rang to Sa Pa

Distance: 115km
Time: 4 hours

A more leisurely start today with just over 100km to get to Sa Pa. We continued along Highway 70 to Lao Cai and then went across to Sa Pa. The road continued to weave upwards which was great to drive on, but not as much fun for the pillion. There were some heavy vehicles on the road but at least they weren’t doing anything stupid. We did, however, come across 3 lorries that had had an accident quite recently and they were all overturned on either side of the road, scary!!

After Lao Cai, we took the H4D which we managed to find thanks to some helpful locals. The road signs in Lao Cai are nearly as good as in Ireland! The road to Sa Pa was a steep climb almost into the clouds. The scenery was spectacular and many photos were taken of all the views. There were times when we thought the bike wouldn’t make it with all the extra weight but it kept going up; in 3rd gear then 2nd and even in 1st for the steepest bits!

When we made it to Sa Pa, we found our hotel, The Mountain View, which had been recommended in the guide book. The hotel was fine but we decided to move to Cat Cat hotel the following day as it had better reviews on Trip Advisor. We found a lovely little restaurant called Nature View for an afternoon drink and snack. The restaurant lived up to its name with amazing views of Mount Fansipan and the valley surrounding us – lovely! J. We liked everything (the view, the cat (to Abby’s delight!) and the food) so much that we returned later for a very nice dinner – yum! Trekking and exploring tomorrow.

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